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York County Marine  

Your online boat dealer!

We specialize in Pre-Owned Boston Whalers.

 sell boats all over the country and internationally as well!

First, thank you for visiting our website!

Most of you that are following us know that we permanently closed our yard to the public at the beginning of Covid 19, completely restructuring our business model, and growing by leaps and bounds along the way!  

All of our boats are sold through videos, photographs and phone conversations.

All of our boats are professionally delivered - anywhere in the United States, with international shipping possible.

We encourage calls between 10am and 7pm EST.


While our inventory at York County Marine changes rapidly, we try to keep our website and our Facebook page as up to date as time allows.
Please keep in mind our "I.T." department is comprised of one orange cat and the gray haired dude you see doing sea trials.

While we know that some of you avoid social media (and we certainly understand), our Facebook Business Page is where we post boats, videos, photos, cool stories and other interesting boat related stuff daily!  

A recent stat claims 1.9 billion people visit Facebook everyday, that translates to a lot of business...

If you're on Facebook, please take the time to follow York County Marine's page- we currently have over 10,000 folks following YCM on social media alone!


YCM a different kind of boat dealer  

York Count Marine - The online boat dealer 

*York County Marine is a 100% online operation, all of our boats are professionally delivered, anywhere in the United States with international shipping possible.

*All York County Marine boats are checked over by a marine mechanic prior to professional delivery.

*All York County Marine boats are thoroughly sea trialed prior to professional delivery.

Give us a call with questions anytime between 10am and 7pm EST


YCM a different kind of boat dealer

Our website is not designed for those in a hurry

- so slow down, read the posts, enjoy the blogs, watch the videos & get to know us.

YCM  a different kind of boat dealer

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Made in the USA -
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Arriving Later Today! - 2004 170 Montauk, 2007 150 Montauk!

As for the golf cart, I have no idea...

Stay tuned!

YCM a different kind of boat dealer

She's here & she's beautiful! 

2020 Boston Whaler 160 Super Sport!

91 Hours & all the right options


In The YCM Pipeline!

In The YCM Pipeline!

Over the next few days, we’re hoping to have this 1993 Boston Whaler Outrage 19 II join the YCM inventory list!

We're working out the details -we’ll know for sure soon! -UPDATE SHE'LL BE HERE THIS WEEK!

She’s a real survivor - no bottom paint, and in the same family since day one! We’re buying her from the original owner's son.

What’s an Outrage 19? -It’s a rebadged Classic 18 Outrage, available from ’90-91.

What’s a 19 Outrage II? Available from ’92-96 -Same as above, but with considerable interior upgrades.

The top cap on the 19 II was all new and included the following changes …

Molded-in rear seats, making the classic fishing Outrage a much more family friendly model.

For the first time there’s an actual below deck bilge.

Through hull scuppers are added creating better self bailing capabilities.

There are two huge bow lockers, creating much needed storage, as well as a large casting deck for fishing -or snap in the cushions for sun lounging.

A super tall console was added - it's actually hinged, folding forward to access batteries, wiring harness, etc - and to fit more easily into the garage.

There is also a built in livewell/storage area under the leaning post, a larger 76 gallon integrated fuel tank, etc, etc.

So, if you love the Classic Outrage 18, but need something a bit more family oriented, maybe this is it.

Ours is powered by a late ‘90s Honda Fuel Injected Four Stroke 130.

So, stay tuned, more to follow!

YCM a different kind of boat dealer

York County Marine is a 100% online operation, all of our boats are professionally delivered, anywhere in the United States with international shipping possible.

All York County Marine boats are checked over by a marine mechanic prior to professional delivery.

All York County Marine boats are thoroughly sea trialed prior to professional delivery.

There goes another 170 Montauk! Next stop- Cape Cod, Massachusetts! 

Our Whalers go everywhere! 

YCM a different kind of boat dealer

In The YCM Pipeline!

In The YCM Pipeline…

Ok, so we’re mixin’ in another Grady White!


2004 Grady White 208 Adventure -Walk-Around Bow with Cuddy Cabin.


The Swiss Army Knife of 20 footers!


Growing up, we had one of the first Grady White Walk-Arounds. She was a 1976, Dad bought her brand new off the dealer lot in ’77.

There’s a pretty good write up about that boat on our website’s blog page - see “The Family Grady”.

Over the years there were several Grady Whites woven between several Boston Whalers, both iconic American boat brands, both known for outstanding quality and innovation.

Grady White invented the walk-around, and they own the walk-around.

Everyone tried to emulate Grady’s success, including Boston Whaler, but no one did it quite as well.

The walk-around concept is simple, but genius.

You’ve got a cabin taking up the front end of the boat, rendering the bow section useless to anglers or passengers, making it difficult to work the bow lines, anchor, etc.

Grady solved this dilemma by digging a deep trench around the outside of the cabin, allowing safe, easy passage all the way around the front of the boat.

Suddenly the bow of a cabin boat was not only safely accessible, but fishable, and a favorite place for passengers to sit!

When we buy a boat, we like to know the history - how many owners, what type of owner (we love our seniors), how was the boat used, where was the boat used and kept -salt or fresh, in the water, on a lift, in the garage? etc, etc.

These questions tell us the type of life a boat has lived, and help to determine if we want it in our inventory, or not!

If we don’t like the history, it’s blurry, or questionable  -we’ll generally pass, in fact, we pass on a lot more boats than we buy.

We bought this particular Grady from a senior, he bought her back in 2012 from his buddy, the original owner - that means a lot.

If we can’t buy from the first owner -on a 20 year old boat, we’ll take the second!

We also love that she’s never been bottom painted, this indicates that she was never left in the water.  These things help to differentiate one similar boat from another.

Had this one been bottom painted, or had a long string of owners, we would have simply taken a pass.

She arrives next weekend from the Northern Neck of Virginia, just far enough up the Chesapeake Bay where the water tastes more like tap than salt.

Back in the early 2000’s, starting with the larger boats and working down, Grady White began transitioning their hulls to their new SeaV2 design, a subtle change that dramatically improved ride quality and handling characteristics.