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York County Marine, LLC is a small boat dealer located in Seaford, VA.

We Buy, Sell & Broker Quality Boats.

YCM specializes in pre-owned Boston Whalers, and we show by appointment.

Professional delivery is available anywhere in the USA.

We buy Boston Whalers everyday and would love to buy yours!

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First, thank you for visiting our website!

Most of you that are following us know that we closed our yard to the public at the beginning of Covid 19, we take the pandemic very seriously and hope that you do too.  We are dedicated to slowing the spread, keeping our family safe and yours as well.

 All of our boats are sold through videos, photographs and phone conversations.

All of our boats are professionally delivered - anywhere in the United States.

We encourage calls between 10am and 7pm EST.



Our inventory at York County Marine changes far too rapidly to keep it updated here, as our "I.T." department is comprised of one orange cat and the gray haired dude you see doing sea trials.

While we know that some of you avoid social media (and we certainly understand), our Facebook Business Page is where we post boats, videos, photos, cool stories and other interesting boat related stuff daily!  

A recent stat claims 1.73 million people visit Facebook everyday, that translates to a lot of business..

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YCM a different kind of boat dealer  


Arriving Soon @ YCM 

Sorry, this one's sold! 

In The YCM Pipeline and arriving soon!

2016 Boston Whaler 150 Super Sport


Under 25 hours of use - we will plug her in for exacts upon arrival.


Freshwater boat from Western Georgia - she's never even smelled the salt air..


Mercury 60 hp Fuel Injected Four Stroke (Max hp)


She belonged to an older gentleman, and he took impeccable care of her.


She has the optional 19 gallon fuel tank for extended range.


Factory Bimini Top


Fishing package with removable bow mounted casting chair


Factory folding seats


Factory Swim Ladder


Galvanized trailer is also like new.


We love these 150 Super Sports - the ride quality is outstanding for a 15 footer, both comfortable and dry.

She can easily tow a skier or the kids on a tube, will probably fit in your garage, can be towed with a smaller vehicle, is easy to launch or retrieve, and cannot sink - but she does not have a head, is awful for overnighting or hosting large parties and is not recommended for offshore fishing in bad weather.

We will have more information - photos, videos, details, and pricing as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions or believe this is the boat you’ve been looking for, please give us a call between 10am and 7pm EST to discuss.

We also buy Whalers everyday, all over the country.

Safe, professional and simple - no dealing with the public, no brokering. Give us a call.

YCM  a different kind of boat dealer



YCM is raffling off this Danbury Mint Boston Whaler Nauset with 100% of the proceeds going to -


The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation  -the world leader in research for the cure of Type 1 Diabetes.  



What is T1 Diabetes?  It’s when your pancreas can not create a hormone called insulin to process sugars.  

Often first diagnosed in children and referred to as Juvenile Diabetes.  

Type 1s must monitor their glucose levels constantly, making adjustments by injecting insulin.  It’s a lot of needles, finger poking and shots in the stomach anxiety and stress - tough enough as an adult, imagine it as a small child..


Headway is being made in this fight, much to the credit of 

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. 


We hope you will join us to support this great cause! 



Fifteen Bucks Per Virtual Ticket, here’s how it works..


Donate here at the JDRF link set up by York County Marine.  

Your name will be entered once for every fifteen dollars donated - i.e. $45 = 3 virtual tickets, etc.


Please use this link to make donations, if you choose to be anonymous, please email us a copy of the receipt. 


If you don’t want to use the link, you can send us a check.  Please contact YCM for details.


The drawing will be held on Friday, April 30th.  




Prizes include:


1- Danbury Mint Boston Whaler 

2- Sets of Boston Whaler Dock Lines

4- Boston Whaler Hats 

5- YCM Tervises (Tervi?)


JDRF is an accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency, so save those receipts for tax time! 


Check out their website here.. 





And now for David’s longwinded backstory…


Our YCM Christmas Mantle Boston Whaler Nauset created quite a stir a few months ago -  with lots of messages and emails - “Where can I get one?” “Is that for sale?” “I want it!” “Sell it to me!” and so on…


Danbury Mint offered these 1/24 scale models sometime in the early 2000s for about $150, and they didn’t take long to sell out.  


Whaler fans have been patiently waiting for them to show back up on the used boat market ever since, and like most used Whalers they have defied all rules of depreciation.  In fact, if you can find one, they are really expensive! 


We’ve actually been planning this charity raffle for quite a while, but one key component has been missing - the boat!  

Just like the bigger Whalers, inventory has been very hard to come by! 


When they show up it’s usually on Ebay, we’ve missed the last two, both went for just over 500 bucks!


So, we’ve spent countless hours scouring the earth in search of one in perfect condition with original packaging.


When we found her, she was in Düsseldorf, Deutschland on Ebay.de. 

Many of you may not be aware of this, but ebay has a presence in many countries all around the world, including Germany.   



My new friend Nils was selling the boat for his aunt, who was downsizing and selling off his uncle’s Danbury Mint die-cast collection, consisting mostly of American muscle cars. 

I’d put Nils in his early to mid-twenties, and a heck of a nice guy.


Here is the original listing…


Hallo zusammen,


aus einer Sammlungsauflösung biete ich das o.g. Modell an.

Der Zustand ist absolut neuwertig, der Originalkarton mit Styroporschutz ist dabei.


Schaut auch auf meine weiteren Aktionen, ein gesammelter Versand wäre möglich.


Der Versand erfolgt als versichertes Paket, eine Abholung in Düsseldorf ist ebenfalls gerne möglich.


Viel Spaß mit dem Modell und beim Bieten!



Dies ist ein Privatverkauf. Der Verkauf erfolgt unter Ausschluss jeglicher Gewähr­leistung.

Am 07.02.21 hat der Verkäufer die folgenden Angaben hinzugefügt:

Ich habe noch ein Bild ergänzt. Das abgebildete Zubehör ist natürlich auch dabei.



Basically what it says is that it’s like new and in the original packaging.



Fortunately, Nils’ English is exceptional, as my German has always been limited to the hood badge on a few of my favorite automobiles and maybe a line or two from that 99 Luftballons song.


I was able to log into Germany’s ebay, cut and paste to google translate, and have a pretty good idea of what was going on, but they still wouldn’t let me place a bid!

I had finally located this little boat and was denied the opportunity to acquire it through legitimate channels…


Sooo, at first it was not easy convincing Nils to bend the rules and cancel his ebay auction - which already had a few moderately interested German bidders and was up to around twenty bucks or so EU. 


Apparently there are more restrictions on international shipping as well as higher shipping rates due to the pandemic - and I suspect Nils was at least a little skeptical of some American dude hitting him up through ebay.de's messaging system, offering ridiculous money for a 1/24th scale die-cast model boat that’s been sitting on a shelf in his aunt’s closet for nearly two decades! 



After vetting Blitz and me through Facebook and the YCM website Nils convinced me to download the “WhatsApp” app on my iPhone. Communication was a breeze from there, and he soon agreed to ditch his fellow Ebay countrymen.  I love capitalism.


A few days later I received an email from ebay.de accusing me of -


Eine Transaktion außerhalb von eBay stattgefunden hat. Hierzu wurde die Telefonnummer geteilt und das Angebot beendet.


Which means I shared a phone number for the purpose of ending an auction outside of ebay - There was also a threat to suspend me for three days..

I have to assume Nils received the same.


At the time of this writing, I know very little of  Düsseldorf, other than it’s a thriving, high-tech German city on the Rhine with high per capita  income and a name that’s pretty fun to say, perhaps I’ll visit someday.


So, back to the boat.. 


Attention to detail is incredible.  The hull is solid die-cast, the console, bench and anchor locker, real wood.  


She’s powered by a classic Mercury 800, 80 hp outboard with a spinning propellor, and sits on a period correct “Tee Nee” trailer with detailed winch, rope, hook, padded bunks, roller keel and teardrop fenders.


The accessories are equally impressive including two fishing poles, two fuel tanks, a stern light, paddles, life jacket, rod holders and an anchor.  


This is an exact scale, beautiful replica of a 1961 Boston Whaler Nauset, and Danbury Mint even includes a title!  


Ours Has Never Been Out Of The Box! 


Keep in mind these models are quite fragile and definitely not toys, so if you win, you’ll want to display her far away from the cat and the grandkids. 


So a month had passed since we allegedly violated international ebay  law, and we continued to communicate with our buddy Nils every few days via WhatsApp, tracking the package, complaining about government incompetence, shipping, covid, weather, etc.  In fact, we may even do a little boating the next time he’s in the states.


The first shipping go-round had Nils carefully packing up our Whaler and sending her out via DHL.  

He texted a photo of the box all taped up and ready to go via WhatsApp. I was impressed with his packing skills, which he referred to as German gründlichkeit - which apparently means carefulness and thoroughness. 


Several days later though Nils received an email from DHL stating that our Whaler was being returned.  They didn’t give him a reason or a refund.


The next attempt was through USPS, the International Postal Center in Frankfurt.  Nils paid an additional $20 EU for expedited shipment, which seems to me would have been just as well spent on fairy dust or maybe some kind of magic postal beans.


After many days of stagnation, I read a few google reviews of the facility, none were positive, in fact it’s got a glowing two star rating..


Nils was patient throughout, though he made it clear - “this is his last sale outside the EU”..


Our little Whaler sat for another week before she finally began to move.


Once in the states, she passed through U.S Customs in NYC quickly and arrived here in Virginia a few days later..


Next crisis - “signature required” - word of advice folks, always ask the receiving party if signature required is a good idea prior to shipping!  It nearly cost our little Whaler a return trip to Düsseldorf..



Virtual Tickets are $15 each, buy as many as you like.


Thanks for reading all of that, and for your contribution to this great cause! 

YCM - a different kind of boat dealer


      win a whaler! 

Arriving Now! 2011 Boston Whaler 170 Montauk!

-Four stroke, fuel Injected Mercury 90 - Hours TBA

-Never bottom painted, never left in the water

-Comfort Package

-Galvanized Trailer 

-Offered at $24k, and expected to sell very, very very fast...

These are extremely difficult boats to find!

We will have more photos and a video on our Facebook Business Page ASAP- if she doesn't sell before..

Call YCM if interested 10am-7pm EST 757-329-9979


Thank you to all that contributed to our

"Win A Whaler raffle!  We raised  $2,350 for The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!

The winners are posted on our Facebook Page!

It simply does not get any better than this..


2020 Boston Whaler 170 Montauk   - with 5.3 Hours!


Not 53, but five - point - three - hours!

We discussed this one in an earlier post a few days ago. If you missed it, scroll down to the April 11th write up.

She was garage kept, senior owned and dipped in the water a total of 3 times.

This is the newly re-designed 170 Montauk, introduced in 2018 with a completely new hull from the keel up.

She’s 5” wider, 3” longer, has a deeper V, and Montauk’s first integrated fuel tank, with 25 gallons in the belly.


This is the first of the newer 170 hulls that we’ve had at YCM. Everyone knows we love the predecessor, but I do have to admit, this boat is really nice, she feels much larger and more refined.

I’ve struggled with the internal fuel tank since first seeing the new hull at the boat show three years ago.

I have always loved the simplicity of the Montauk’s above board fuel system.

With two 6 gallon tanks, you can throw them in the back of the truck and fill them up at WaWa on the way home from work.

Even the popular aftermarket Moeller 23 gallon tank can easily be emptied at the end of the season or in the event of a contamination issue, but I must admit the new internal tank extends your range, cleans up the deck and allows for additional use of space - it’s pretty nice.

Our 170 has only the internal low profile hand rails, giving the boat a sleek, modern look with clean lines.

She also has the optional Teak Trim Package with teak steps on the gunnels and a beautiful teak overlay on the optional swim platform, paying homage to the classic Whalers of years past.

The newly designed swim platform has a clever side entry that looks great, seems larger and helps keep swimmers further from the motor.

Like her predecessor, there’s a large anchor locker in the bow, but in front of that, Whaler added a large, self draining fish box with a gas assist shock. Fisherman or not, it makes for better storage capacity, a common complaint with previous Montauk owners.

She’s powered by a Mercury Four Stroke, Fuel Injected 90 hp motor with stainless steel prop. These are super quiet, super efficient and powerful motors.

Another great option on ours is the SeaStar Hydraulic Steering System, which makes steering effortless. This is especially nice when approaching the dock at low speeds.


The galvanized trailer looks like new, has torsion axles and a folding tongue - which helps when squeezing her into smaller spaces!

With all the refinements of this new 170 Montauk, it’s easy to see why Whaler decided to drop the somewhat redundant 170 Dauntless from their 2021 lineup.

She’s priced @ 45k, comes with all the owner’s manuals, remaining transferable warranty, Coast Guard Package, etc.

With only 5.3 hours, she’s still got another 4.7 to go to complete the initial break-in period!

Give David a call if interested between 10am and 7pm EST 757-329-9979

 YCM a different kind of boat dealer 


SOLD - Thanks! 

Arriving soon @ YCM 

2013 170 Dauntless - details and price to follow 

Just arriving - 2004 Boston Whaler 170.
Video to follow on our FB page! 

This one just sold, but we have another very nice freshwater 16 arriving @ the end of April and two more 18 Venturas!  

Just arriving @ YCM..

2001 Boston Whaler Ventura 16

Dual Console / Bow Rider with lots of seating!

Great all around family, fishing, skiing boat.

Mercury 90hp two strokeBimini top, cushions, cover, etc.

The Ventura 16 and the Dauntless 16 share the same great hull with different interior setups.

We will post more info, pics, and videos, and pricing soon.

She's offered @ $16k, we also have two 18 Venturas and one 20! 

Please call David with any questions between 10am and 7pm EST 757-329-9979

All YCM boats are professionally delivered - anywhere in the U.S.


Quality trade-ins are always considered.

We buy Whalers everyday, all over the country! You don't have to deal with brokers, you don't have to deal with the public!

            Just give us a call.

YCM  a different kind of boat dealer


The 16 Dauntless is also great for sunning and napping.

Y'all see that inventory list?  It's probably already our of date!             Give YCM a call!  757-329-9979 10am-7pm EST













As we say good riddance to 2020..


I would like to thank you all for your friendship and support of our little boat business over the course of this very difficult year.

We recognize that many of you lost family members or friends, others jobs, business or homes at the hands of an invisible virus.

At the very least we’ve all lost our comfortable routines, sense of safety, stability and normalcy.

As the pandemic arrived here in the states, and New York was scrambling for ventilators and ICU beds, and people were dying at alarming rates, we were considering closing down for the year and revisiting the business after the air had cleared.

We ended up taking a step back, assessing and redesigning our business model in a way that we felt was socially responsible, safe for our family and safe for yours as well.

We shifted our business plan to a 100% online format, closing down the local aspects entirely.

We spent the year taking videos, photos and phone calls - non-stop.

All of our boats were sold under the same simple format - videos, photos and phone discussions, no one was allowed in.

We did not meet with a single new customer from March 1st on.

Every boat was professionally delivered by drivers who wore masks and maintained a safe distance at all times.

Throughout the year, only four people were allowed in the yard - our mechanic, two delivery drivers and me.

Of course there was pushback at times, not everyone liked the new format, which was both fine and understandable. We wished them the best of luck with their search.

Others did like it. They appreciated the guidelines we set to ensure safety and the care taken to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

They also appreciated our informative videos, and our honest, open and very different approach to selling boats - and our little business grew..

We recognize our methods took a great deal of trust from our customers, and for that trust, I am grateful.

While we didn’t actually meet any of them, I think we made a lot of new friends.

2021 is finally here, there is a new vaccine being distributed and better days are to come.

As we celebrate the arrival of the new year, let’s raise a glass to the 1.8 million people across the world lost to this pandemic, and to the people left behind that loved them.


In The YCM Pipeline..


We’ve Got Two Scout 17 Footers Heading Our Way!


Scout is a quality boat builder in Summerville, South Carolina, known for innovative designs, world class fit and finish and ride quality.

They were one of the first companies to incorporate the use of composite materials in boat building, starting with their “no rot” composite transoms in the early ’90s and eventually becoming one of the first 100% “no wood” fiberglass boat manufactures.


Scout One - 1992 Scout 172 Dorado Dual Console

This one will be a nice price point, budget friendly family boat.

She’s powered by the original Yamaha 90 hp two stroke with oil injection.

Boston Whaler fans know this as the motor of choice for many classic Whaler hulls due to the unbeatable power to weight ratio and durability.

The Dorado 172 is a dual console (bow rider), and shares the same great riding hull as the Scout 172 Sportfish Center Console model.

Both have that beautiful Carolina Flare that Scout is so famous for.

Ours has a bimini top, full custom cover, complete cushion package (including bow) and the optional rear bench seat.

She will be water-ready and offered with or without trailer.

Price, pics and videos will be available soon!



Scout Two - 2007 Scout 175 Sportfish Center Console

This one is powered by a four stroke Yamaha fuel injected 90 hp outboard - super reliable, super quiet, super fuel efficient!

Factory options include stainless steel reversible pilot seat, bimini top, live well and ski pylon.

She will be offered with or with out trailer as well.

Additional details, pics, videos and price to be posted soon!


All York County Marine boat are professionally delivered - anywhere in the United States!

We always consider quality trade-ins.

Please call David between 10am & 7pm EST with any questions. 757-329-9979



YCM a different kind of boat dealer


Sorry, our Scouts have found new homes!

Way back in October we purchased this 2000 model Boston Whaler Ventura 18. These boats are hard to come by and we were pretty excited to pick her up!

She was 900 miles away at a marina in Dark Harbor, a small community on the Island of Islesboro just off the coast of Maine. Latitudinally speaking - up there near Nova Scotia.

Our driver had to get in and out quickly as wintery weather was already threatening to cancel the 1800 mile round trip.

Like so many one owner boats kept in dry storage, this one had no trailer, so we sent one of ours along to bring her back.

There is no bridge to Dark Harbor, only a ferry service capable of carrying four cars and two trucks at a time, and running reduced schedules due to the current pandemic. There was a good chance our truck and trailer combo would be waiting several hours each way for the crossing.

We contract these guys, and they are superstars, but delivery drivers really don’t like down time!

With the assistance of marina staff the boat was delivered to the mainland, but our driver missed the high tide window needed to load the boat.

The tidal swing up there is 11 feet!

Somewhere around 10 hours later, she was loaded up heading south.

While this delivery presented quite a few challenges, and did not go without frustrations, she arrived back in Virginia just fine the next day.

I’m a big fan of the 18 Ventura and Dauntless, which I suppose is why we went to such great lengths to bring this one home. They are big, beamy, quality built, multitasking 18 footers capable of carrying several passengers comfortably.

This one’s a nice boat, and the owner re-powered her in 2006 with a new Four Stroke, but I do question the old timer’s docking abilities, as she had quite a few minor bumps and bruises, gelcoat nicks and imperfections.

To be fair, the year 2000 was 21 years ago, one can approach a dock quite a few times over such a stretch - and I imagine the wind does often blow in Dark Harbor.

So anyway, we’ve decided to have some fun with this one prior to officially listing. We dropped her off with our buddy Craig at

Coastal Fiberglass llc to do a few updates.

Coastal is removing the bottom paint, taking care of any gelcoat imperfections, installing a new rub rail, decals, etc and painting her Boston Whaler “Light Blue” - it’s a real pretty color and a current option on some 2021 Whalers.

We will also be updating the interior with new upholstery.

The Four Stroke 115 Mercury will be fully serviced, and water ready.

She’s going to be beautiful, we will keep you updated along the way!

YCM a different kind of boat dealer

This one’s a pretty special time machine!

- The # 1 song was Blondie's “Call Me” - I still love that song.

- Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in a landslide - two men that I greatly admire, albeit for different reasons.

- “The Miracle on Ice” - Our U.S Olympic Hockey Team defeats Russia for Gold - The the cold war raged on and it scared the hell out of me..

- # 1 at the box office was “The Empire Strikes Back” - I was 12 and it was awesome.

~She’s a One Owner, Garage Kept 1980 Boston Whaler Sport 17~

She’s Very Original and She’s Very Nice

Some cool factory options include the beautiful teak back rest with stainless steel rail - this is pretty rare on a 17 Sport!

Removal Front Pedestal Seat - usually seen on the Striper model.

Stainless Side Rails - which you will want to hold onto firmly with this much horsepower.

She’s maxed out with the original Johnson 100 - there will be glorious two stroke smoke, she’ll chug, maybe cough a little and smell like my childhood - and she will haul a@s. This will be a very fast boat.

There’s a vintage trolling motor on the bow, and I’m pretty sure the screen on that depth sounder isn’t color…

The 41 year old non-galvanized trailer is still sound, which suggests freshwater use.

We picked her up from the original owner, an older gentleman who was obviously attached to the boat - I was afraid he might change his mind before the truck arrived, I'm glad he didn’t.

I can’t wait to launch this one!

More info, pics, videos, on our Facebook Page!

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back, c1980

YCM a different kind of boat dealer


Three Popular Questions -



  • Q - “I’d like to sell my boat, will you broker it?” 



        A - We stopped brokering boats at the beginning of Covid 19.


       -We buy boats outright, everyday, all over the country. 


       -We own 100% of our inventory.   


       -Our buying process is easy, safe and professional.  



  • Q - “Do you buy boat brands other than Boston Whaler?”



        A- Yes, we will consider most quality boat brands, we just like Whalers the best!



  • Q- “Do you take trade-ins?”  



        A - Absolutely, but not all trade-ins!  

                         Give York County Marine a call 10am-7pm EST 757-329-9979




  YCM    a different kind of boat dealer


Please turn up the sound on that computer!

This one just sold!  Hopefully we''ll have another soon!

She's here, and all that we had anticipated!

-2014 Boston Whaler 150 Super Sport

-Freshwater Boat

-One Owner

Boston Whaler Factory Options Include -

-Bimini Top with Stainless Steel Frame 

-Cushion Package 

-Folding Bucket Seats

-Center Cooler Seat

-SS Swim Ladder 

-SS Wrap Around Bow Rail 

She is offered with or without factory trailer.

Delivery anywhere in the U.S. is possible, as is international shipping.

As always, please call David with questions. 10am-7pm EST . 757-329-9979

$17k without trailer/18k with trailer 

York County Marine buys Boston Whalers from private owners everyday, all over the country.

If you would like to sell your Whaler in a safe and professional manner, while avoiding the public, please give us a call - we are always fair and make the sale super easy and quick.

We also consider quality trade-ins, contact us for details.

YCM a different kind of boat dealer

Just arriving @ YCM!


2018 Boston Whaler 130 Super Sport, 60th Anniversary Edition!

-Absolutely Exceptional

-One Owner

-Four Stroke, Fuel Injected, 40 hp Mercury - WITH 17 HOURS!

She has many Factory High-End Options Including the following..


-High-back Bench Bucket Seats - this is a $1,200 option.

-Bimini Top - These factory biminis are very nice quality and cost about $1,600. We think we just opened this one for the first time!

-Large Bow Cushion - That's about $400!

-Wrap Around Bow Rails - There’s another grand..

-Stainless Swim Ladder

-Karavan Galvanized Trailer

Delivery available anywhere in the United States.

She’s absolutly perfect and she’s offered at $20k

Please give David a call between 10am and 7pm EST with questions. 757-329-9979

YCM a different find of boat dealer

This little 130 is sold and living the dream in West Palm Beach, Florida! 

This one’s been fun!

We sold this pretty little ’07 Montauk 150 a few weeks back - at the time she had black bottom paint, a few nicks here and there, some bites out of the rub rail, etc.

The new owner asked if we could have the gelcoat nicks taken care of and give her an updated look.

We contacted our friends Coastal Fiberglass llc, discussed some options, came up with a plan - and she turned out gorgeous!

The color is Boston Whaler “Glacier Green”.

Coastal Fiberglass has always done outstanding work with every project we’ve sent - big or small.

The Whaler decals are of course from Janis Teeguarden @ MagicBrush - the original quality OEM Boston Whaler supplier. Check MagicBrush out on Facebook as well!

YCM - a different kind of boat dealer

Yep, that one's sold too, y'all need to move faster!

Hint - they are listed on our Facebook page first! 

Sorry this one just sold too!

Oh noooo - this one just sold!



            Thank you for helping YCM achieve & celebrate a milestone!

As YCM approaches the 1,000 Facebook “Followers” mark, we’re going to celebrate with a giveaway! 

No, not a boat! 

Being rather safety oriented, we’re giving away 3 Mustang Survival MIT 70 Automatic Inflatable PFD Life Vests!

If you want in, you have to do 2 things…

1- Send us a message stating that you want in! 

2- Promise that you will wear it! 

YCM will draw the 3 winning names once we hit the 1,000 mark! 

Good luck!

YCM a different kind of boat dealer

If you like boats, you need to follow YCM on Facebook!   


Sold!  This ones heading to Iowa soon!

This one just sold and is heading to Massachusetts..


Check out our 

Facebook Page for updated 


Ever want an affordable Boston Whaler hull to re-power with a new four stroke?  

We have a beautiful 2013 Boston Whaler 150 Super Sport just waiting for new power!  

She's fully rigged for Mercury, just bolt on a 60 hp four stroke and go!  Prefer Yamaha or Honda?  Thats OK too, its all up to you! 

These boats are fast, fun, stable and ride great! They do an amazing job of keeping you dry - and of not beating you up!

Here's a little info on ours..

Factory options include 19 Gallon Fuel tank and Boston Whaler Folding Helm Seats, Large Bow Cushion and Stainless Folding Swim Ladder.

This boat has always been stored inside @ a marina.

Never bottom painted

Never Left in water

She's a one owner boat that doesn't have holes drilled all over the place for yesterday's electronics - nice and clean!

The 150 Super Sport can be easily launched and retrieved by one person, fits in the garage and does not require a big truck to tow!

She's offered @ 10k

So, some quick math - with original power and trailer, this would be aprox $20k.

A new 60 hp Four Stroke motor with factory warranty is about $6,500, a new trailer about $1,200.

Add that up and you'll see why this is a great deal!

We have several 150 Sports and Super Sports currently available @ York County Marine! Give us a call.

Please direct your questions to David between 10am and 7pm EST. 757-329-9979.


YCM different kind of boat dealer

Comparison - Boston Whaler 150 Sport & Classic 15 Super Sport


Business Title

Sold! Someone's gonna have a nice Christmas! 

Boston Whaler 17 "New-Tauk" - Newport with Dauntless Interior 

This one's now in Maryland! 


"IF FOUND" Stickers

"IF FOUND" Stickers..

Have you noticed a significant increase in kayaks and paddle boards on the waterways this year? We have, and now that it’s cooling down, I’m looking forward to paddling around the creek myself! 

As people have been looking for fun, healthy, outdoor activities during the pandemic, kayak and paddle board popularity have hit an all time high.

Outdoor related purchases from bicycles to paddle boards, kayaks (and we all know power boats) have soared during the pandemic.  
Simply finding a new or used kayak has been difficult for much of this year as retailers dealt with skyrocketing consumer demand, temporary factory closures and overloaded, bogged down supply chains.

We spoke with an officer from the Department of Wildlife Resources who also confirmed an unusual amount of kayak activity on VA waterways this year, and the concerns they have for the safety of “manually propelled boats” in the mix with power boaters.

Several years ago the Coast Guard introduced the “Paddle Smart” campaign to address safety concerns with kayakers. 

The most brilliant part of this campaign was the “IF FOUND” sticker. 

In the event that an unmanned kayak, paddle board or rowboat is found adrift, the Coast Guard assumes that there is a missing person, and launches a full blown search and rescue operation - usually the owner is at home in bed wondering what’s up with all the helicopters…

This highly reflective, weatherproof sticker has a place for a name and two phone numbers (keeping in mind one phone may be lost overboard). 

The “IF FOUND" sticker should be placed in a highly visible location inside the vessel’s cockpit or near the operator's station.

This decal can help get your boat back if you simply lost it in a storm or high tide, saving the taxpayer thousands of dollars on unnecessary search and rescue efforts - OR- it can let the USCG know that you are actually missing, and possibly save your life.

Here is a link..


We talked with the local Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit, who generously provided us with a pack of “IF FOUND” stickers to give out on our website.

Ok, while I’ve got your attention, let’s quickly discuss a few other safety measures!

Virginia, like most states requires a wearable USCG approved life jacket for everyone on any boat - INCLUDING KAYAKS AND PADDLE BOARDS!

Life jackets are only good when worn! Accidents always happen quickly, too quickly to grab a PFD and put it on!  
There are lots of great PFD choices out there for the paddling crowd, they are slimmer, and much more comfortable than they used to be! 

Also, when out paddling, keep in mind it can be very hard to see a kayak during the day, and nearly impossible at night, please be vigilant and make sure you are seen by oncoming boats. Carrying an airhorn and a spotlight is a good idea.

Remember - 86% of drowning victims were not wearing a lifejacket and 66% of them were good swimmers! 

Ok, if anyone has a kayak, paddle board, or rowboat and would like an “IF FOUND” sticker, please message us! We’ll do this ‘till they're gone! 

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