Arima Sea Ranger 19

Arima Sea Ranger 19

Arima Sea Ranger 19!


Arima is a small boat builder (both the boats and the company) in Washington state.

They have a reputation for building high quality, hand built, foam filled, smaller boats that like Boston Whaler are “unsinkable”.


These somewhat quirky looking, small, high bow, unusual boats are designed and built for fishing the rough waters of the Great Northwest, they offer outstanding ride quality, keeping you and your crew safe and dry.


They are roomy, have lots of storage and are very stable.


All Arima boats are designed to efficiently run on plane with low horsepower motors, and to be towed by smaller automobiles.

The founder of the company (last name Arima) was known to tow his 1511 Sea Chaser around Seattle with a ‘70s VW Bug!


This will be the second Arima that we’ve had here at YCM, you may recall we had a 1511 Sea Chaser (15 footer with cuddy cabin!) a few months ago. That was a fun boat!

We sold her to a guy named Mike in North Carolina, he loves the boat and sends us pics out on the water.


Our 19 Sea Ranger has a Yamaha 130 two stroke, the factory stainless steel and fiberglass hard top option, lots of fishing space and overnight capabilities.


We believe most of her time was spent on a freshwater lake in South Carolina.


She's a surprisingly fast and fuel efficient fishing machine!


If you visit Arima’s website, don’t expect much. It’s primitive at best and has the feel of a really small, old school company, but you can see the build process and new models.

They don’t pump out a whole lot of boats, and most never leave the North West. It is a rare treat to have one here in Virginia.

Stay tuned, we'll have a more details, pics a walk around video, and a price on this one shortly.

As always, if it's what you want, call us quick.


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