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Fall Boating

Labor Day is Monday, so by all means put away those white shoes - but don’t stow that boat yet!

Fall boating season is coming, and I always look forward to it.

As the temperatures begin to decline and sticky humidity levels drop, outdoors becomes more pleasant again.

If you love the quiet and peaceful sounds of nature, fall may become your favorite time of the year for boating as well.

The water is clearer, trees along the shoreline are changing colors, the tourists have gone home, noisy and reckless jet skis are winterized and back on their trailers.

As summer fades away, fall marks the end of the loud boating season, as the blasting of other people’s stereos fade into the past, a more considerate, and less frequent boater moves in. The waterways seem safer, quieter and more peaceful.

There are no horseflies and fewer mosquitoes to contend with while at anchor or slowly navigating the shallows.

Anglers have always loved fishing the cooler fall waters of the Chesapeake Bay and her tributaries. While Rockfish season doesn’t open until January, here in Virginia you may still catch a beautiful 70 degree day for that run to the CBBT.

There’s no line at the local boat ramp, even on weekends. Fuel prices are generally down, and slips readily available. Even marine mechanics are much easier to find!

With so many kids home from school, and as we wait for this pandemic to clear, family fun days on the water this fall remain a great option, though you may need a hoodie under that life vest!

With the sun setting earlier, you’ll want to check those navigation lights, share your float plan with family or friends, bring a spotlight and pack another layer just incase it gets chilly!

Whether you’re fishing, picnicking with the family, sightseeing or just out for a quiet evening cruise, fall is a beautiful time of the year to explore the Chesapeake Bay!

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